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How COVID-19 is impacting tourism in the New England states
14 April 2020 (Edited 14 April 2020)

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Personal finance website WalletHub has published rankings of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industries of the US states.

Here are some statistics for New England:

Overall rank on COVID-19 impact (low numbers mean big impacts):

  • Vermont #4
  • Massachusetts #5
  • New Hampshire #7
  • Maine #11
  • Rhode Island #12
  • Connecticut #13

State dependency on travel and tourism:

  • Vermont #5
  • New Hampshire #6
  • Massachusetts #11
  • Connecticut #12
  • Maine #15
  • Rhode Island #16

(The reason those rankings are in different order is: WalletHub rates the "state aggressiveness against coronavirus" higher for RI, MA and VT higher than that of ME, NH and CT.)

New England states ranking in the top 5 on other measures include:

Highest share of businesses in travel and tourism-related industries:

  • Maine #5

Highest travel spend per travel employee:

  • Connecticut #1
  • New Hampshire #3
  • Massachusetts #5

Highest share of consumer expenditures on travel:

  • Connecticut #3
  • Massachusetts #4
  • Rhode Island #16

Opinions of 6 experts consulted by WalletHub as to how long COVID-19 travel restrictions will remain in place range from:

  • "Lifted in 2 months (but 2020 lost to tourism)" through
  • "All of 2020, maybe first half of 2021" to
  • "Only when a vaccine has been developed, probably not before fall/winter 2021"

Stay tuned for updates.

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