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Coronavirus scare hurting Boston Chinese restaurants
19 February 2020 (Edited 05 March 2020)

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Publicity surrounding Boston's first case of coronavirus at U Mass Boston, and the increased wearing of surgical masks by Asian people in Chinatown, threaten to cause some business owners - especially restaurateurs - to lay off staff, shorten hours or even close.

To try to help, Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu along with the cities of Boston and Quincy organized a "dim sum brunch" that was held Saturday at the China Pearl restaurant and attended by nearly 400 people.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh in a statement blasted racist remarks that have targeted Chinese people on social media, and tweeted:

"Chinatown is one of the many vibrant neighborhoods in Boston, and I encourage all our residents and visitors to support the small businesses that make us a diverse and world-class city. #LoveBostonChinatown"

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