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Canada saw new peaks in arrivals from Mexico, China, France, India in 1Q2019
09 July 2019 (Edited 09 July 2019)

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Because the Easter holiday period moved from March in 2018 to April in 2019, total arrivals in March 2019 were down 4% YOY, 1Q2019 arrivals down 1%.

However, arrivals from some important international markets set new records in 1Q2019:

  • China 131K arrivals +0.5%
  • France 91K arrivals +6%
  • Mexico 79K arrivals +8%
  • India 43K arrivals +13%

But arrivals from some other key markets were down:

  • UK 97K arrivals -12%
  • Japan 43K arrivals -10%
  • Germany 40K arrivals -14%
  • Korea 33K arrivals -15%

Notice that except for neighboring USA, long-haul China is now Canada's #1 international market.

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