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FL Keys to reopen to visitors 1 June 2020
19 May 2020

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The Florida Keys are planning for reopening to visitors on 1 June.

Most businesses have been closed since 17 March, and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office has been turning away all non-essential road traffic since 27 March.

Destination marketing for the Keys is complicated - the Monroe County Tourist Development Council is the only Keys-wide body, while local decisions on how hotel tax revenues are spent are made by five District Advisory Committees.

There seems to be some degree of general agreement that in the early stages of reopening, for the most part drive markets from Nashville south will be targeted, and economy and midscale hotels promoted.

Keys business owners are hoping that tourism will come back in 1Q2021, but some are skeptical that visitors will want to be involved in the kind of large gatherings usually found at the major festivals and events which traditionally have been a big part of the Keys experience.

How well will the Keys economy fare in the next year? Watch this space.

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