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ME Gov. Mills wants no visitors from COVID-19 'dangerous hotspots' like Boston, NY, NJ
04 May 2020 (Edited 04 May 2020)

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills in a media briefing on Friday commented on complaints from those in the State's tourism and retail sectors in regard to continuing business closures and 14-day quarantine requirement for anyone entering or re-entering the state:

"Some say they are frustrated that the State is moving too slowly; they worry about the financial toll on summer tourism that is so vital to our state's brand and to our financial well being. Some people say they want to go back to work but are afraid of having to deal with the public, including millions of people from out of state who come here every summer, many from Boston, New York, New Jersey and other dangerous hot spots. Some are engaging in partisan political chatter over this pandemic; but we know this virus plays no favorites: it doesn't care whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, a Green or an Independent, unregistered or unenrolled. It does not take political sides; it is an equal opportunity destroyer."

The Governor - perhaps prudently - declined to take questions.

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