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Maine welcoming highway sign to get yet another new message
15 January 2019

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Newly elected Maine Gov. Janet Mills has ordered that the "Open for Business" highway sign put into place at the southern end of the Maine Turnpike by her predecessor Gov. Paul LePage be replaced by a new one that says "Welcome Home".

Intent is to create a more welcoming image for the State, and attract more residents of a younger and more diverse demographic.

Other signs still standing on the turnpike include "Maine. Worth a visit. Worth a lifetime" (by then-governor Angus King) and "Welcome to Maine The Way Life Should Be" (by Maine Office of Tourism 20 or so years ago).

Vermont - which has a similar problem of a small, old population - is also trying to attract residents more than visitors, although not everyone there seems to be of one mind. (See related articles). Maybe Maine and Vermont should compare notes.

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