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Glenn Squires TIANS: Nova Scotia should build upon significant impact of The Cat ferry
17 August 2016 (Edited 17 August 2016)

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TIANS Chairman Glenn Squires makes these points about Nova Scotia tourism and The Cat Portland-Halifax ferry:

  • The essence of Nova Scotia is defined by the Province's connection to the sea.
  • Even in the depths of the US recession in 2009, ferry service brought $33M of direct tourist spending to Nova Scotia.
  • For every $1 of direct tourist spend, another $3.20 is generated within the Province.
  • Having direct marine access to the US market via The Cat ferry is a tremendous opportunity for Nova Scotia to get export income.
  • The Province is recovering from "five years of instability and some poor decision-making." [Think Nova Star. -DB]
  • A "concerted and co-ordinated effort" by all stakeholders is needed to ensure that the return from the new ferry service far exceeds the Province's investment.

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