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Visits to Canada from USA January-June 2019 most since 2007
22 August 2019

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Statistics Canada reports the highest number of US January-June arrivals to Canada since 2007, up 2.2% from January-June 2018.

In the month of June, Americans made 2.1M trips to Canada, down slightly overall (-0.4%) from May. There were fewer US arrivals by car, but more arrivals by air.

For the 3rd consecutive month, trips to the USA from Canada declined - 3.6M trips, down 0.6% from May - attributed primarily to fewer day trips by car.

The decline in travel from Canada to the United States may also reflect an increase in the value of the US dollar from CAN$1.31 in June 2018 to CAN$1.33 in June 2019.

The 10 US states most visited by Canadians (2017 data) are:

  1. Florida (4.1M trips/year)
  2. New York (3.1M)
  3. Washington (2.5M)
  4. California (1.6M)
  5. Nevada (1.3M)
  6. Michigan (1.3M)
  7. Arizona (1M)
  8. Hawaii (800K)
  9. Maine (750K: About 1 in every 6 visitors to Maine comes from Canada, about half of those from Ontario)
  10. Pennsylvania (680K)

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