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Foreigners eligible for new Saudi tourist visas warned of fines for violations of public decency
30 September 2019 (Edited 30 September 2019)

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In conjunction with its new push to draw foreign tourists to the Kingdom, the Saudi Interior Ministry has dropped its earlier dress code for women tourists - requiring them to wear abaya and headscarf - in favor of a new version merely requiring covering of the body from shoulders to below the knee. Both men and women are forbidden to wear "tight-fitting" or "revealing" clothing including visible underwear, sleepwear, or anything else that could "outrage public morality" or "promote depravity."

There are said to be a list of 19 specific "offenses against public decency" but neither the full list nor the associated penalties have yet been published.

Under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s tourism initiative, Saudi Arabia is now for the first time making online e-visas and visas on arrival available to visitors from 49 countries including the USA, Australia, and some European nations.

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