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Tourism Ireland launches major 2024 ad campaign
28 December 2023 (Edited )

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Targeting US and 5 major western European markets

Tourism Ireland launches major 2024 ad campaign

Tourism Ireland has begun rolling out its major 2024 ad campaign to Britain, the US, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

It's anticipated the campaign will produce almost 100M ad impressions during the Christmas-New Year period.

Target cities and media by market:

  • Britain: TV and BVOD ads, some running on ITV around entertainment and sports programming - 6M ad impressions; ads in 6050 cinemas reaching 3M consumers; YouTube ads with 3M impressions
  • US: Network TV ads running in 11 cities - including Denver and Minneapolis which will have new direct flights to Dublin in 2024 - on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox
  • Germany: TV ads including around Christmas movies on ZDF, RTL and Sat.1; also on CTV; ads in 808 cinemas in 540 cities reaching 1.5M people
  • France: Ads around travel programs Echapees Belles and Les Nouveaux Nomades ; ads in cinemas around Paris and in cities with direct flights to Ireland including Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Carcassonne, Montpellier and Rennes expected to reach over 4M people
  • Spain: Partnership with Movistar+ to create a new TV show Presenting: The Craic Show - Irlanda Legendaria hosted by comedians Joaquin Reyes and Patricia Conde
  • Italy: Ireland ads running on 32 outdoor digital screens in the Gae Aulenti district of Milan, also online, with 6.1M ad impressions

Pre-COVID, in 2019, Ireland welcomed 11.3M overseas visitors who spent nearly 6 billion euro.

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