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Turkey launches 2023 Tourism Strategy
09 October 2019

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Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy on World Tourism Day 27 September 2019 revealed his Tourism Strategy for 2023, which for the first time is intended to follow a sustainable and income-driven model.

Goals are to grow inbound tourism to 75M visitors, 10-day average stay and $65B spend in 2023, and to increase package tour rates by up to 60% while opening up emerging markets including China, India, South Korea, Japan and central and eastern European countries, as well as all Turkish Airlines departure cities..

2020 promotional budget for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the newly formed Tourism Promotion and Development Agency is targeted at $180M, to be increased to $220M by 2023.

Promotions will include TV, out-of-home, magazine, PR, digital and social media.

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