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Sri Lanka 3B Rs destination marketing campaign snarled in red tape
24 January 2019

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(FYI, that's the new Sri Lanka Tourism logo since the So Sri Lanka rebrand last fall. See Related Articles. I'm afraid I'm underwhelmed,)

Background: The Government of Sri Lanka has been in disarray since October, when Presdent Maithripala Sirisena fired Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, withdrew his party from the coalition government, then dismissed parliament and called for an election. The PM claimed the Pres lacked the authority to dismiss him, and the country's highest court ruled that the Pres's actions were illegal. After 7 weeks of bickering, the PM got his job back.

Meanwhile, back at the Ministry of Tourism, Minister John Amaratunga's planned 3-year, 3B rupee destination marketing campaign scheduled to begin rollout out this year remains on hold because of a new process for political appointments the Pres has put into place, causing approval of the project to be tied up in middle-management levels of the government.

The new campaign is intended to target Europe and Australia as well as China and India.

Will the necessary approvals happen in time for the campaign to draw more tourists in 2019 high season?

Stay tuned.

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