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To address tourism concerns CMP amends NECEC plan to cross Kennebec River underground
22 October 2018 (Edited 22 October 2018)

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Quoting from the CMP media release:

"Central Maine Power, a subsidiary of AVANGRID (NYSE: AGR), has notified regulators of its intent to amend a key element of its proposed New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line to avoid an aerial crossing over the Kennebec River to address the concerns of state environmental regulators, the host communities, and other stakeholders. The company will submit a plan to cross under the river using Horizontal Directional Drilling technology to preserve the scenic and recreational value of the segment of the river known as the Kennebec Gorge."

This follows negative input the company received about the impact of transmission-line towers on Maine tourism.

The fundamental purpose of the NECEC project is to move renewable energy from Hydro-Quebec to Massachusetts.

An earlier proposal by Eversource to construct a transmission line through the White Mountains for the same purpose was rejected by New Hampshire regulators.

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