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South Portland City Council passes new short-term-rental ordinance
23 July 2018 (Edited 23 July 2018)

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The new ordinance replaces one repealed in April, and will take effect 1 January 2019.

Provisions include:

  • In residential neighborhoods, properties must be the principal residence of the operator.
  • In commercial neighborhoods, unhosted stays are limited to detached, single-family dwellings.
  • Homeowner must be present during rentals of In-law apartments and guesthouses.
  • All rentals limited to 6 guests per property.
  • Owners of detached, single-family homes may rent their houses for up to 14 days/year when they are away.
  • All properties must be inspected, insured and licensed by the city.

That's a pretty tough ordinance. Let's watch and see how registrations and enforcement go.

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