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CA Gov't source: 'no interest right now in opening up the border'
17 September 2020

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Unnamed Canadian government sources say that Canadian officials are showing "little enthusiasm" for proposals to relax some border security measures that have been proposed by US authorities.

The US-Canada land border was first closed in March by mutual agreement of the Canadian and US governments, and the ban has been renewed several times. Next review is due 21 September.

The few essential travelers that are allowed into Canada from the US must quarantine for 14 days. Drive trips into Canada from the US were down 95% year-on-year in August.

Canadian officials of provinces bordering the US overwhelmingly favor continuation of the closure.

One source in Ottawa said that Canadian thinking at the national level is that the border will remain closed until at least US Thanksgiving Day (26 November).

Looks like New England and New York shouldn't expect to be seeing any Canadian tourists - or visiting friends and relatives - before December at the earliest.

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