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Mexican Foreign Service to promote tourism, launch China campaign
23 April 2019 (Edited 24 April 2019)

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Earlier this month, the Foreign Affairs and Tourism Ministries of Mexico entered into an agreement under which Foreign Service personnel will be trained in promoting Mexico tourism abroad, and do so through September, 2024.

This follows the closure of Mexico's in-destination tourism offices by order of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in order to free up funds to pay for construction of the Mayan Train on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco said that his main goal is to increase international tourism spend in Mexico and stimulate investment in projects that create jobs.

First announced initiative is a six-year Operación Toca Puertas (Operation Door-knocking) campaign targeting China and other large tourism markets.

Mr. Torruco hopes for 44.8M international visitors to Mexico in 2019, up 5.6% from 2018.

Will the diplomats come through? Will the USA back off on Mexico travel advisories? Watch this space.

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