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New COVID-19 outbreak causes lockdown and transportation cuts in Beijing
17 June 2020

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Following 57 days without a locally transmitted case of COVID-19, 137 new cases in the past week have led to a lockdown of Beijing, cancellation of more than 1200 airline flights, and reduced rail transportation until at least 9 July.

The new outbreak is believed to have started in the city's Xinfadi central food market, where nearly all of the newly infected individuals had worked or shopped.

Residents of 27 medium- and high-risk neighborhoods of Beijing are prohibited from leaving the city. Those living in low-risk areas can leave only upon getting a negative COVID-19 test.

Businesses remain open, but schools are closed, and organized sports suspended.

Was "social distancing" maintained at the Xinfadi market? Probably not. Don't let this happen in your town.

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