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China outbound travel demand is recovering with mitigation of COVID-19
18 August 2020

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A new report by the organizers of China outbound travel tradeshow ITB China finds that:

  • More than 90% of 200 outbound travel suppliers surveyed believe travel still to be a preferred leisure activity of Chinese people.
  • 40% have recently received inquiries about outbound travel products.
  • 10.5% have recently sold outbound travel.
  • 60% believe that Chinese household travel spend in the next year will be between $700 and $2800, 24% say $2800-$7060.

According to the China Tourism Research Institute, domestic destinations received 43.3M visits from Chinese tourists during the 5-6 April 2020 Tomb-Sweeping Holiday.

And per the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the 1-5 May holiday period, domestic destinations received 115M visitors and $6.79B in spend. Also during the 25-27 June Dragon Boat Holiday, there were 48.8M domestic visits and $1.75B spend.

A report by (formerly Ctrip) published on 29 July 2020 shows that:

  • More than 4000 Chinese travel agencies have domestic travel products on their platform.
  • Arrivals to popular destinations were up 273% month-on-month.
  • Departures from popular domestic geographical markets were up 1200% month-on-month.

If the USA has COVID-19 under control by 2021, will Chinese tourists return despite being blamed in US media for the COVID-19 pandemic? Stay tuned.

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